in plain view actors bios


Dan Ben Yishay
Orestes Matacena

Dan came to Los Angeles all the way from Haifa, Israel. He is a self-made entrepreneur with a sense of adventure who loves people, traveling and life in general.

He loves to share stories about his life and his adventures around the world. In high school he developed his love to motivate others. As a result, he acquired many friends on his journey and soon became a leader.

He says the key to everything in life is the ability to communicate and that life itself is our greatest education, not formal institutions.

Although Dan is not pursuing a formal career as an actor, he had some acting experience in Israel doing plays. You could say Dan embarked on yet another adventure when he joined our cast and acted in his first feature film.


From a proud Third World Cuban Hillbilly to a Hollywood actor in an Armani suit, Orestes has worked as an actor with high profile directors in films, television and commercials including Charles “Chuck” Russell, Barry Sonnenfeld, Doug Liman, John Milius, Marcus Nispel, Michael Ritchie, John Fortenberry, Leon Ichaso, Kim Manners, Armand Mastroianni, Leslie Dektor, Peter Bloomfield and the great artist Bill Viola.

As a film actor Orestes has played the antagonist in many Hollywood Studio films such as “The Mask” starring Jim Carrey and “Diggstown” with James Woods and Lou Gossett Jr. just to name a couple.

Heather Jamison
Dave Vescio

Heather is a woman from the windy city. . . her first role on stage in Chicago was Abby in Eugene O'Neil's "Desire Under the Elms." She moved to L.A. to strike gold, well, to further her acting career.

Since living among the palm trees, Heather has continued her stagework at The Matrix in "Our Lady of 121st Street," "The Second City" and numerous other plays.

Heather has also been involved in several independent films including the Vine Entertainment's "Dream Play," Orestes Matecena's "In Plain View," and she has loved every minute of it!


Dave didn't start acting until the year 2002. Before that, he was a television news photographer for CBS News, and a combat light infantry soldier in the U.S. Army.

Dave's first feature film is called "Blue Hour." SINCE THAT WONDERFUL EXPERINCE He has performed in over two dozen feature films.


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Heidi Noel Sundstrom
Dontreal Bacon

Heidi is a "natural born " actress.

When her scene was being shot, director Orestes Matacena almost yelled "cut" to tell her that the scene was being shot.

Suddenly, Orestes realized that Heidi's acting was magnificently pure. That she had applied the "no acting, please!" method.

It is a dream to find actors of Heidi's caliber, especially when she was not originally part of the cast in the movie. She was among many things, the Second Unit Director of Photography, the Assistant Director and the Boom Operator.

Orestes gave Heidi a part because one of the actors could not make it that day to shoot the scene. She stepped right in like a true professional, rose to the occasion, and delivered a very natural and real performance.

Heidi is like a "handyman" in the movies. She can do anything and always with a smile. She is a real trooper!


Growing up in Oxnard, California with an interest in music and films, I have traveled that path since a very early age.

In high school I participated in plays and sang in my school's choir. I have always dreamed of a career in entertainment and have worked very hard to realize this dream. I attended the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. Where I received a certification in recording engineering.

I am currently working on films and recording new music. Acting and singing both are my passions. It would be difficult to live without either of them. Two projects in progess are an album and band.


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Kristin Pfeifer
David Light

Kristin left the world of full-time public education and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her passion for acting. Her diverse and unlimited credits reflect a seasoned and professional actor always willing to stretch in different directions.

Kristin appeared in independent features and shorts including Torture Room," "All In," "Death’s Door," "Postcards from the Future," and "The Exception."

Some of her television credits include "Untold Stories from the Emergency Room," "Second Verdict," and popular soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful."

Her theatre credits include "Spinning into Butter," "Playing with my Mother," "A Shayna Maidel," and "Funny Money."

Kristin's body of work also extends to commercials and infomercials for Brinks Home Security, Healthnet, Mercury Insurance, Lennox, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cricket Wireless, Your Baby Can Read, and various voiceovers and industrials.

Represented by DDO commercially and Synergy Talent theatrically, Kristin is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and The Actors’ Network.


David is an actor, author, teacher, and world class, wild ass live performing poet. He has appeared in eleven feature films in the last year. Including "The Black" with the fantastic actress Mirelly Taylor.

David is the author of two books. "Goddess By Choice" and "Treat Me Right - A Woman's Guide to the Perfect Relationship."

He also teaches acting and helps women to put together their own book manuscripts.

David Light is known locally as the wild and passionate performing poet "D. Light." His signature piece is "The Last Romantic Man."








Aaron Davis
Thomas Kutrosky

Aaron was recommended to "In Plain View" by his teacher Alina Cenal. She was developing a production of the "Lion King" at a school where she teaches.

Alina gave us a list of potential actors. We contacted their parents, and, finally, after a couple of phone calls, Aaron's dad, Jimmy, gave the green light to cast him in our movie.

Aaron proved to be as great as Alina said he would be. He was professional, did multiple takes seamlessly and flawlessly, took direction as good as any seasoned working actor, made exceptional choices for his scenes, and was overall an asset to this production.

Jimmy was a great support for Aaron and shared the responsibility with Aaron's mom, who was also a trooper. She was right there with Aaron, as a chaperone, and offered support and encouragement, and kept Aaron busy during the down time.


When we needed an eye doctor (and the doctor's office), the first person that came to mind was Dr. Kutrosky, who was Orna's eye doctor since she moved to Los Angeles.

Of course, we called and Dr. Kutrosky was very generous to offer his establishment for a small scene. He agreed to also be in the scene with Orna, playing himself in the role.

Dr. Kutrosky, like others who took on supporting character roles, had little experience and seemed bashful at first and then rose to the occasion during the shoot.

We shot the scene in the evening, right in the middle of another big shoot being conducted outside . . . with trucks, lights, crowds, crew, the works! People kept looking in the window to see what we were doing... just filming a movie with no trucks. lights, crowds, or crew. And it was a perfect scene.

Dr. Kutrosky's acting, was understated, conversational, real, and everything you want in a pro.

Teresa Jhalli
Michael January

I was born in Fairfield, California. My passion in life is singing and acting. My primary background is in music as a singer since the age of five.

I am also a songwriter, actress and dancer. I sing and write classic rock, gospel, pop, and country and performed in nightclubs for twenty years, on the same stage as artists including Santana, BB King, Macy Gray, and Kid Rock.

As an actor I have been committed and dedicated to the industry for eleven years, acting on tv shows, movies, commercial, music videos, theatre and musicals.

I am a professional fund raiser for non-profit organizations such as Earth Justice and ASPCA.

My strong faith in God has helped me survive many hardships. And I look to my creative endeavors as a continued spiritual journey.





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Michael studied drama at West Virginia University, and began his entertainment career as an actor and director in professional stock theater in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. He served as Co-Artistic Director of the Arcanum XII Theatre Company at Princeton. And he has performed and studied directing for the stage in London.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Michael has been a Story Analyst and Development Director for independent production companies, has served in various production capacities, and is currently focusing on producing and directing.

As a writer and producer, Michael's films were broadcast on domestic cable channels HBO and TNT and on European channels BSkyTV, SAT1 and PRO7.

His credits include several action films in the martial arts genre and what he likes to call the "when in doubt, blow something up" action style. His produced works also include comedy, action and thrillers.

Current projects in development range from historical drama and romantic comedy to political thriller.

His "Der Tod in Deinen Augen," romantic thriller directed by Michael Rowitz and starring acclaimed international actor Thomas Kretschmann for Bavariafilm and SAT1, established a standard for American theatrical film style motion pictures on German television.

Michael's screenplays have won and been finalists in multiple screenplay contests including the Nicholl Fellowship. He has lectured in screenwriting for filmmaker organizations, is a member of the Writers Guild of America Independent Film Caucus and FIND Film Independent (formerly IFP-West).

Abhi Trivedi
Pia Schiavo-Campo

Born in Mumbai, India, Abhi came to the US when he was just one year old. He grew up in South Carolina and started acting in theater in high school. He continued to pursue his interests at the University of South Carolina while also earning his BA in Psychology.

Abhi later moved to South Florida where he earned his Doctorate in Optometry before moving to Texas and joining the Kim Dawson conservatory in Dallas.

Abhi moved to Los Angeles where he is continued to pursue his acting career. He has performed with the Groundlings (a famous Los Angeles-based Improv Company) and has completed projects for the History channel as well as a principal role on "The Sleeper Cell."


I am originally from Washington D.C. and made my way out to Los Angeles to pursue acting and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Working as an interior designer has afforded me the opportunity to express my creativity. I also love cooking and entertaining and have travelled all over the world, enjoying music and culture of all types.

The spontaneity and freshness of acting appeals to me, which is why I have pursued comedy improv at BANG Theatre in Los Angeles.

My father is Italian whose strong cultural influence is the reason I appreciate and speak fluent Italian.

Marine Kuftin
Alex Rodriguez

Marine loves movies! So naturally, acting in a movie was a real treat! Although seemingly shy, she turned on her acting switch and was a real pro, delivering a consistent performance with each take.

We had to reschedule the scene a couple of times due to lighting conditions. Marine was very accomodating and professional. Before, during and after her work on the scene she showed great enthusiasm and excitement towards being in the movie. It's this kind of energy that fuels a production and accelerates it to the finish line.


Alex Rodriguez enjoyed making his onscreen debut in Orestes Matacena's "In Plain View." Alex coordinated the martial arts fight scene with Ruth Livier, where he plays the part of the instructor (and boyfriend). He also provided one of the stunt vehicles in the film. His last performance was on the stage of Santa Monica High School as The Prince in "The Ugly Duckling."

Alex is a home grown artist from Culver City, holds a first degree black belt in the art of Kung Fu San Soo and is a Graduate of the University of Southern California. Fight On!

Currently Alex is a commercial real estate broker with Jeffrey Dake & Associates.

Rosa Barcelo
Julio Guardron

Rosa helps run Barcelo Enterprises, Inc., a family-owned, wholesale nursery dedicated to growing palm trees.

Rosa was kind enough to come onboard and help us out, playing the role of Amir's girlfriend. She had just the right look and was a great match for her scene partner Benny Nieves.



Julio works at Amir's Falafel, and when we met him, we knew that he would have fun in the role. For Julio, kicking someone out of the restaurant is a great stretch because he is very gracious and friendly. He plays a vital role in making the restaurant an inviting place to visit.

At first Julio was apprehensive about acting in a scene, but quickly transformed into a pro doing the scene as well as some ADR.

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Yehuda Amir

Yehuda, a native of Israel, is the owner of Amir's Falafel. He was a real trooper. Not only did he allow us to come and film a scene at his restaurant, but he also acted in the movie.

Although Yehuda is not an experienced actor, he did a wonderful job, took direction very well, and was easy to work with. And, by the way, the food at his restaurant is fantastic! Especially the falafel!

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