in plain view crew photos who's who



Director of Photography
Mikel Saenz


"In Plain View" marks Mikel's film debut shooting his first feature as a cinematographer at the age of twenty-three.

Mikel says, "The experience of working with director Orestes Matacena was extraordinary. Unforgettable! Beyond comprehension! There is no film school on the face of the earth that could teach anyone what I learned with him during the shoot. It was an amazing experience! A wonderful journey! One that I will treasure and will remember through my entire life. If I ever win an Oscar, I will thank Orestes."

Orestes is my mentor. And most of all, he is one of a kind!"

Mikel is a native from Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain and he studied cinematography at the New York Film Academy and at present he is studying at ECAM in Madrid.

Dan Weniger

Dan studied Film Scoring & Composition at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Now he works out of Santa Monica, California as a composer for film and television and his own studio. He has worked with artists such as Phillip Giffin, Heitor Pereira, Francis Buckley, Matthias Weber, Clair Marlo, Ace Baker, Rob Mullins, Gary Novak, Judd Miller, Peter Robinson, Danielle Bisutti and Erinn Williams.

Recently, Dan has been writing for commercials, Television and feature films including a TV special for CBS's “Tutankhamen and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs.” He also just finished a documentary for National Geographic and CBS called: “Art’s & Exhibitions.”

Dan currently has written several hours of music for Universal (music library) and has over 300 minutes of music playing on television, with the following networks: CBS, National Geographic, ABC, Discovery (health), A&E, TBS, FOX Sports and The WB on such shows as: "Dancing with the stars," "America’s Most Wanted," "Access Hollywood," "Simple Life," "Mega Movers," "Fox Sports" and many more.


Re-recording mixer
Dean Okrand


Dean is a native of Los Angeles, California, which makes him one of the few. In the entertainment industry he has made a name for himself winning six Emmy's and three nominations with an innumerable list of credits on films and television as a sound mixer.

Dean's BIO is under construction.


Re-recording mixer
Vincenzo LoRusso

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I am a Mixer/Producer based in Los Angeles, California and have been fortunate enough to have a successful and eclectic career doing what I love. I have spent many years collecting gear and building my studio so that I can work in the comfort of my own space as well as offer my services to film producers, directors and creative artists-bands.

It's simple: I love music and film. Period. No matter what style or final output medium or if it's a Major Label, Independent or Studio Feature Film or Television. Any budget, if it is an artistic endeavor, I enjoy being part of the team.

My work has spanned many musical styles and several areas of expertise. Working as a Producer, Songwriter, Engineer-Mixer, and Remixer, my studio experience has included work with members of such acts as Cypress Hill, The Cult, Velvet Revolver, Def Leppard, Tricky, Korn, Guns and Roses, and A System of a Down. I have recorded and mixed projects for heritage artists such as Joan Osborne, Deborah Harry, Lou Rawls and Issac Hayes, in addition to co-producing "A World of Happiness," a children's project released on Buena Vista Records featuring Perry Farrel, Deborah Harry and Samuel Jackson among others.

This past year I traveled between New York, London, and Los Angeles in production of a new album release by composer Jonathan Elias and working with notable contributors that include Sting, Jonathan Davis, Anthony Keidis, Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn and The London Symphony among others.

I recorded Robert Downey Jr.’s first release, “The Futurist” for Sony. My work on “American River” (Universal/Decca release) was recognized with a 2005 Grammy nomination for “Best New Age Album.” I co-wrote one of the last performances by Johnny Cash and co-produced several tracks and mixed the album.

I completed many remixes for artists such as Tricky, Bob Marley, and Ringo Starr. In addition I've composed music for film and television and have composed and mixed many national television commercials for clients including Nike, Gatorade, Microsoft, and Lexus. Recently, I finished production on the score/soundtrack for Fox’s film release “Pathfinder” and the critically acclaimed “A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints,” as well as mixing the upcoming release for Joan Osborne, "Breakfast In Bed."

  Digital Effects
Roxanne Evensen

Roxanne, “Roxie,” was born in Jaworzno, Poland and first came to the United States via Chicago at the tender age of nine.

Shortly after, in search of sunnier skies, her family relocated to Clearwater, Florida where Roxie completed high school and later film school in Orlando.

It’s now been two years since the allure of West Coast living called upon Roxie to plant her stake in the “City of Angels,” and she has been busy pursuing her passion of the screen ever since.

Currently working under one of the top Executives at MTV, Roxie is busy learning the ins and outs of running a successful production company in hopes to someday hold the reins of her own equally-lucrative endeavors.

2nd Unit Director of Photography & Assistant Director
Heidi Noel Sundstrom

Heidi, known also as “Heido,” was born in a small rural community near Eugene, Oregon. There she was exposed to an array of cultural progression and claims to owe most of her creative blood to the unique upbringing she had in the woods of her family’s farm; drawing on such childhood experiences to fuel her expression in the arts.

When Heidi entered high school she moved to Bend, Oregon and spent the next few years re-discovering the world of cinema before heading south to sunny Orlando, Florida to complete film school.

A little over a year ago, Heidi found herself heading south once again; this time to the hustle and flow of Los Angeles where she has been working and enjoying the coveted Southern California lifestyle of surfing, sunny skies, and the bright lights of Hollywood.

  Audio Print Mastering Engineer
James Barth
    James bio is under construction