in plain view mission by producer/actress orna rachovitsky


Our mission is to make movies.
Why did we make this film:

Orna Rachovitsky













The new HD technology became more accessible and affordable than ever before. We have experience producing a digital feature, using a JVC DY-90 professional series camera when HD 24p was the newest and most cutting edge video technology to enter the market. The accessibility allowed us to select a script from Orestes's own collected writings and move forward with unprecedented speed from pre-production to production-three weeks.

Yes, there were setbacks and obstacles, as normal, but we were able to capture relevant subject matter, cast, crew, locations, and everything we needed so that all the necessary elements came together at the right time. Even the setbacks and obstacles led to better outcomes and results.

We saw that TV shows have a trend in subject matter, acting style, and cinematography that lend themselves to a certain look and feel. Some programs utilize more traditional filming, but most use the trend of hand-held and darkly lit compositions. We wanted to create a show that is entertaining and current, but not one that succumbs to all the trends. We want the audiences to be entertained by the story and the actors. We don't want to preach and spoon feed anyone. So the idea was to create a program with all the elements that are commercial but still artistic, and to allow the actors to engage their audience by letting them have moments that are real and humorous, not melodramatic, contrived, or politically biased.

Now we know that all we need is an idea, and we can dive into pre-production, find the actors, locations, etc. and move forward to a production. But don't misunderstand our purpose. We fully acknowledge and respect the industry on a large scale, but for filmmakers like us, it would take years before we could finance our projects the conventional way. And by the time we could even establish a reasonable budget, the ideas might become stale or over-visited by other filmmakers who did raise enough money more quickly. The industry creates a lot of jobs and carves out incredible careers for so many artists and technicians. Hopefully, this project can raise awareness by provoking thought and healthy discussion while entertaining.

Everything we do is about accessibility. The actors are real people whom the audience can access because they identify with them. The technology is affordable and easy to work with and maneuver, which also contributes to its accessibility. We tapped into all resources available to us, those that were also more accessible. The idea for the TV show came from Orestes, the writer and director, whose collection of ideas is never-ending.

No matter where we turn, we always ask ourselves: do we know what the job is at hand, do we know what we need, do we know people that can be a resource, do we know how much time we need, do we have the tools to execute from concept to completion . . . The answers to all these questions are always "yes." Why? Because we want to make movies.

All kidding aside, we shot the pilot for the TV series as a feature because we know the reality of the industry. No promises, and many an idea lost at sea . . . If the series does not come to fruition, we have quite an entertaining and wonderful movie on our hands. There is plenty of audience to go around for pretty much anything under the sun.

We can always dig through our treasure chest of ideas and embark on another film adventure.

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